Automated Guided Vehicle
Runs on Magnetic Tape
Global Technocrats makes fully functional AGV, these run on a magnetic tape. These can run on astraight lines and can also take 90 deg or 180 deg turns. PLC controlled vehicles these can have predefined stops or variable stop as needed.
Models Available are:

GJ-50; tow load capacity = 120kgs
GJ-100; tow load capacity = 300kgs
GJ-200; tow load capacity = 600kgs
GJ-400; tow load capacity = 1100kgs

Vehicles run on 24VDC or 48VDC.

Nissei Gearmotors, Japan

Nissei makes gearmotors upto 2.2KW in various configurations, like Inline, Right Angles, Hollow Shaft etc. They also make servo reducers and Kompass Right Angled Gearbox.
FOR AGV Nissei Supplies DC motors with Gearbox upto 400watt. BLDC motors are supplied with Controllers. Motors also have inbuilt encoders.

Further info on Nissei Gearmotors.​