High precision gearbox
  Nabtesco Corporation, Japan is world leader in High Accuracy Gearboxes for Industrial and Robotic Application. Over ¾ of Robot makers use Nabtesco Gearboxes in their Robots. Most of the gearboxes are available in below 1 arc-min accuracy ratings. Global Technocrats Inc., gives sales and technical support to Nabtesco products in India. These has high precision reducers are known for their enduring life and has following characteristics:​​
  • Torque Range : 58 Nm – 10,000Nm, Reduction ratio : 11-200
  • Capable of 5-7 times the rated torque.
  • High torsional rigidity, Low backlash [1 arc.min]
  • Applications : Robots, Factory Automation Gantry,  Machine Tools, Welding Indexing  etc.

RV Series & RV-N Series

The RV series is the basic series of precision gearhead from Nabtesco, Japan. Its available in models from RV-6e to RV-450e; and in Hollow Series from RV-10C to RV-500C.

RD2 Series

Ready to use Gearbox; with Flange and Servo Couplings 
E & C Type
RDS-006E {rated torque 58Nm} upto 320E {rated torque 3136Nm}
RDS-010C {rated torque 98Nm} upto 320C {rated torque 3136Nm}
C type especially useful for carrying the cables thru the centre hole.

RS Series

Right angled input type precision reduction gear. Ideal product to make your own indexers to work with robots for applications like welding. Can be mounted on floor or on a vertical frame. {1 Arc-min backlash}. An integrated bearing allows high thrust load capacities.

Available Models:
RS320A {rated torque 3136Nm X thrust load 5000kg}
RS900A {rated torque 8820Nm X thrust load 9000kg}

GH Series

High Precision gearbox model for high speed rotation [upto 150rpm] – Backlash – 6 arc-min.

Available Models:
GH7 {rated torque 69Nm} upto GH100 {rated torque 980Nm}
Nabtesco RS type gearbox​​​
This vedio shows a robotic welding indexer using RS gearbox from Nabtesco Japan.

Further Information

We will do load analysis and suggest you a suitable gearbox. For this kindly let us know following info. - Load to be rotated, System Geometry, Any offset distance, CG position & Speed of rotation etc.
For further info on drawings, catalogue etc, kindly visit site of Nabtesco Japan.