Single-axis robots can be used for various applications,such as assembly and inspection work.
6 types and 29 models ranging from compact size
to long-stroke robots are available
Key Features:
Ø Repeatability +/- 0.02mm; max speed upto 2400mm/sec; max horizontal payload upto 100kgs.; stroke 50 to 3050mm

Cartesian robots

An electric actuator composed of 2 to 6 slide axes that are orthogonal to one another. used in a wide variety of applications, such as assembly, machining, insertion, take-out, handling, and packaging,sealant.

Key Features:
Ø Repeatability +/- 0.02mm; max speed upto 1875mm/sec; max horizontal payload upto 40kgs.; max. stroke upto 2050mm(X axis) and 650mm(Y axis)

SCARA robots

  ​The wide reach ranges from 120 mm to 1200 mm and payload from 1 kg to 50 kg, allowing for precise adjustment of the robot to your application. Yamaha is indeed a leader in Scara robots with special robots like Wall mounted, Ceiling Mounted,  Dust Proof etc.  .
Key Features:
 > Arm length upto 1200
 > Speeds upto 10.6m/sec – resulting in cycle times as low as        0.29sec.
 > Payloads upto 50kgs

YAMAHA robots controller

  ​Yamaha has developed a range of controllers to run along with their linear/Cartesian/scara robots. A variety of control methods, including I/O point trace, remote commands, pulse train, and online commands can be selected to match your applications. Supports various field networks including - CC-Link, Ethernet, Device Net, Profibus etc. These controllers can easily integrate with customers PLC.  

Robot vision iVY 

Use of ROBOT vision system "iVY system" makes it possible to propose new production lines that do not require workpiece positioning and teaching.

Applicable controllers - RCX240 / RCX240S
Settable part types  - 40
Connectable cameras  - Maximum 2 units
ID recognition -  QR-Code [Model2], DataMatrix
Memory 128MB SDRAM, 256MB miniSD card

R type Rotation axis model

The R type can be used as the rotation axis when combined with other robots, or utilized for a wide range of applications such as index tables.
Harmonic drive delivers high-strength and high-accuracy.

Key features:
Rotation range:360°
Maximum speed:360°/sec
Maximum allowable moment inertia:0.12 to 1.83kgm2
Position repeatability accuracy of +/-30seconds (0.0083°)

​Global Technocrats Inc. is the official partner of Yamaha Robotics in India.

further information

To select a suitable robot for an application, we need cycle time, weight of object and brief discription of application etc.
For further info on drawings, catalogue etc, kindly visit site of Yamaha Robotics, Japan.